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November 11, 2004   



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Planting the tree of success :

 Business India > New Delhi, Oct 11 : Planting a tree is all you need to do to succeed in life. Unbelievable? Not, if you ask Murli Menon, a meditation master and management guru with a difference.

"I teach managing careers, companies and life by taking leaves out of the book of nature," he says. "We can learn much from animals and plants around us, and make their lives a metaphor for our own progress."

"Planting a tree is one such metaphor. You plant a tree and care for it daily. Soon you will start associating the tree with your life.

"The growth of the tree will induce in you positive thoughts about your own self, and as the tree flourishes, so will your life and your career.

"We can learn similar lessons in management from penguins, dolphins, gulls and even owls, says Menon.

After de-stressing everyone from school students to CEOs and civil service officers, he has come out with a book where he explains his techniques, and the philosophies behind them, in detail.

"ZeNLP: The Power To Succeed" is a combination of Zen meditation methods and Neuro Linguistic Programming, or the programming of mind using visualisations and auto-suggestions.

"ZeNLP is holistic, in the sense that it uses exercises, meditation and prayers to de-stress the three aspects of the self - body, mind and soul - respectively."

ZeNLP exercises for the body are mostly simple things anyone can do anytime of the day, like clapping hands. For corporates, Menon even has computer-based exercises they can practice while at work.

Meditation for the mind involves listening to tribal music and basic yoga techniques like pranayama (breath control). And prayers, for the soul, are chanting anything in which you have faith. Thus Hindus can chant the Gayatri mantra, Muslims their Kalima and so on.

A fourth aspect of Menon's methods is diet control. He believes in absolute vegetarianism. So to follow ZeNLP, not only do you have to give up meat but also all animal products - including milk and milk products, honey etc.

For one, Menon knows what he is talking about. On New Year's Day 1995, he suffered an almost fatal accident -- suffering from brain haemorrhage and left-side paralysis after being hit by a truck.

Doctors had given up, but having already learnt NLP in the US and Zen in Japan, he combined both techniques to become fully fit in six months.

A product manager then, he quit his profession to start helping people discover their power within.

"People who come to me for help today are those lacking peace of mind, lacking the security of good family relations and suffering from tension, high blood pressure and insomnia," he says.

Menon runs special de-stressing workshops for CEOs and government employees, but also does free courses for school children, spastics and the underprivileged.

He strongly believes in institutionalised religion - which one you follow is your own choice.

"Following an established religion makes us feel a part of the whole. It brings community feeling with it generating tremendous positive energy," he says.

The purpose of life, according to him, is to discover this hidden energy in us, and that of the world to provide us with experiences and opportunities to do so.

And, Menon says, not all of us need an accident to make our start.

--Indo-Asian News Service

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