Sunday, October 16, 2005
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Deccan Herald » Book Reviews » Detailed Story

ZeNLP, The Power to Relax— Tribal Meditation for Stress Management

Murli Menon

New Delhi: New Dawn Press, pp 115, Rs 125

Tribal meditation

ZeNLP is a combination of Zen which means meditation or improvement and NLP -Neuro Linguistic Programming. The origins of ZeNLP can be traced to the Rig Veda. Neuro is derived from nerves (which represent behaviour) Linguistic is derived from Language, (which means structure) and Programming is borrowed from computers (which means creating change). Thus, ZeNLP creates structured behavioural changes in your attitude. It improves conceptual skills, analytical ability and stress management skills. The human brain can be programmed using ZeNLP software to relax the body, mind and soul. ZeNLP researchers have discovered that people perceive the world based on their unconscious maps — visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

Murli Menon, the author, met with an accident when he was 28 years old. He was declared a vegetable for life as he had slipped into a coma. After about a week he regained consciousness and began practicing ZeNLP. He recovered in a short span of 3 months. The author realised that he had been given a new lease on life and decided to dedicate it to the cause of environment and human protection. He is now the President of phenoMenon consultants Inc, Ahmedabad, which conducts stress management workshops based on Buddhist, Zen and Tibetan scriptures.

Repeated journeys were made to some of the most interior and inaccessible tribal areas to learn stress reducing techniques. Murli Menon visited the Simlipal forests of Eastern Orissa to study the indigenous healing techniques and shamanic rites of the primitive tribes. These tribals live inside the perimeter of the Tiger Reserve which is a malaria endemic zone. There are no roads in the forest and the nearest hospital is 100 km away. Despite the harsh environment these tribals are amazingly stress free. They have learnt to exist in harmony with nature. The author emphasises that organisations are similar to a collection of tribes who have come together to achieve a common objective. To learn how to relax one need not visit expensive resorts and spas; the techniques of chanting, clapping etc. have been there for centuries. It is just that we have to rediscover them.

Each chapter contains a thought provoking anecdote. I particularly liked the one about a Kohl tribal carrying two pots of water everyday. One of the pots had a crack and the pot was only half full when it reached the master’s house. The cracked pot felt ashamed of its flaw. The pot carrier showed him the flowers which had bloomed on his side of the path and said “your crack made it possible for these beautiful flowers to grow.” All of us have our flaws, each one of us is a cracked pot. It is the ability to convert obstacles into opportunities which improves the quality of our lives.

The author advocates a vegan diet which is a zero stress and high power diet. All products of animal origin (such as dairy products), salt and sugar are taboo. To learn how to relax one need not visit expensive resorts and spas; the techniques of chanting, clapping etc. have been there for centuries. It is just that we have to rediscover and practice them.

Sharada Prahladrao

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