Healthy Heart Test'2015

How Healthy is your diet?

70% of the human body is made up of water. Similarly, 70% of the earth is covered with water. Water is the largest single source of energy in the body. Foods which contain 70% water balance the microcosm with the macrocosm. The movement of water in and out of the cells, produces a significant amount of energy. Alkaline foods are ideal for human health. The most potent alkaline foods are fruits, fruit juices (without sugar/salt), grains, pulses, sprouts, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Unsweetened or unsalted Vegetable juice is also 100% alkaline When your body's pH is alkaline you rarely will be sick. When your body's pH is acidic you are susceptible to sicknesses and disease. Every person with disease has an acidic body. Alkaline pH is the most important step in achieving real vibrant, radiant health and achieving your goals through creative visualization exercises. When our body is too acidic, we suffer from a condition known as insulin resistance. This forces excessive insulin to be produced. As a result, the body is flooded with so much insulin that it diligently converts every calorie into fat. The heart is normal when the pH of blood plasma is alkaline. When the heart plasma drops to a pH of less than 7, it gradually erodes away the smooth muscle tissues of the inner walls of the arteries and veins, as well as the heart itself. How healthy is your heart?

But the first step to a healthy diet begins with reading food labels minutely. ! Are you aware what you are eating ? Getting your health diagnosed is as easy as filling up the enclosed questionnaire and clicking the Submit button....

A. Please read the questions which follow carefully

B. After reading and understanding each of these questions ,select the Answer which best describes you

C. Choose ONE of the Answers by selecting the appropriate choice using your mouse. Click the Answer that best describes you

D. Click the Submit button and receive a computerised electronic Healthy Heart Score and techniques to improve your Healthy Heart Score

E. There is no time limit for completing this Healthy Heart Test

Q 1. Do you drink Cow/Buffalo Milk?
Q 2. Do you eat cow/buffalo butter?
Q 3. Do you eat cow/buffalo cheese?
Q 4. Do you eat cow/buffalo paneer (cottage cheese)?
Q 5. Do you eat Milk Chocolates made with cow/buffalo milk?
Q 6. Do you eat fish/sea-food?
Q 7. Do you eat eggs?
Q 8. Do you eat meat?
Q 9. Do you eat chicken
Q 10. Do you eat fast food?
Q 7. Do you eat pizzas?
Q 8. Do you eat ice-cream?
Q 9. Do you eat Cow/Buffalo Ghee (clarified butter)?
Q 10. Are you a vegetarian?
Q 11. Do you consume honey?
Q 12. Do you read recipe columns in glossy magazines and cook and eat such recipes?
Q 13. Do you read food columns in newspapers and cook and eat such recipes ?
Q 14. Do you consume sweets containing sugar or jaggery or silver foil?
Q 15. Do you take sugar substitutes?
Q 16. Do you watch cooking shows on television and cook and eat those recipes at home?
Q 17. Do you eat soya or drink factory manufactured tetra-packed soya-milk?
Q 18. Do you use branded soap which contains animal fat (sodium tallowate)?
Q 19. Do you use cotton-seed oil for cooking at home?
Q 20. Do you consume imported (bright yellow) corn?
Q 21. Do you use canola oil for cooking at home?
Q 22. Do you smoke?
Q 23. If Yes, how many cigarettes do you smoke per day?
Q 24. Do you chew tobacco?
Q 25. If Yes, how many pouches do you chew per day?
Q 26. Do you partake alcohol?
Q 27. If Yes, how many pegs do you drink per day?
Q 28. Do you eat factory manufactured cow or buffalo milk biscuits?
Q 29. Do you eat factory manufactured instant noodles?
Q 30. Do you consume bottled soft-drinks/tetra-packed fruit juices?
Q 31. Do you drink sugar free tetrapacked fruit juices?
Q 32. Do you drink tea with buffalo/cow milk and sugar?
Q 33. If Yes, how many cups do you drink per day?
Q 34. Do you drink coffee with buffalo/cow milk and sugar?
Q 35. If Yes, how many cups do you drink per day?
Q 36. Are you a vegan?
Q 37. Do you fast?
Q 38. If Yes, how often do you fast?
Q 39. Do you watch travel shows on television?
Q 40. Do you watch television commercials during cricket matches?
Q 41. Do you watch music/serials/lifestyle channels on television?
Q 42. Do you drink tinned drink energy drinks containing caffeine?
Q 43. If Yes, how many tins/cans do you drink per day?
Q 44. Do you drink beer?
Q 45. If Yes, how many mugs of beer do you drink per day?
Q 46. Do you consume ready to eat factory manucatured soups?
Q 47. Do you consume factory manufactured tomato sauce/ketchup ?
Q 48. Do you use a microwave to cook food?
Q 49. Do you eat factory manufactured potato chips?
Q 50. Do you use branded toothpaste containing animal bones?
Q 51. Do you eat factory manufactured corn flakes?




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