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Guide to transcendent living

by Afreeha Jawad

India's Sage Publication - reputed for bringing out some of the best in Indian creativity, has done it again. ZeNLP by Murli Menon doles out the prescription as it were to harness the best in man energising him towards self-realisation.

Mind evolution itself would be defunct without all that which Menon has to offer - nothing new anyway to those that have had exposure to wholesome, sublime writing.

What makes the effort unique is Menon's attempt of interspersing his literary seriousness with Zen stories that, apart from driving home truth enables the diffusion of monotony and one pointedness - no doubt an escape from literary boredom.

Elaborating all what cosmic consciousness is about and the way to the attainment of such is interesting finding for its attainability is in least expected location.

Cosmic consciousness or the aggregation of positive energy itself has been the chosen avenue of spiritualists towards success - its parallel being God consciousness in Christianity, Takwa in Islam and the recitation of Om Shanthi as in Hindu scriptures, not to forget the Lotus Sutra in Mahayana Buddhism much of which have been the delight of contemporary spiritualist as well.

The advantages of attaining such mindset is clearly spelt out as one turns each page enabling intra personal interaction.

ZeNLP aptly termed Neuro-Linguistic Programming draws comparison with modern day computerisation of human activity. Accordingly the ZeNLP network, once established, sharpens man's veiled intuitive power and develops a photographic memory - necessary ingredients when reason fails.

The book itself while being an exploration into spirituality acts as catalyst in worldly gain. What one does with the latter is personal responsibility with heavy inclination into negative behaviour.

Menon, no doubt, handles the mind's intricacies so well but falters in the last two or three chapters where he strongly recommends the emulation of management practices of dolphins, ants or whatever.

Man's composition of mind and spirit necessitates a distancing from the animals for team spirit found in animals were not meant for man. He of a higher order is expected more to 'deliverance' rather than acquisition. Modern management was not intended for man.

However, reiterate I must - Menon's first few chapters need unreserved commendation for what may have been a miss out point for large numbers.

His convincing and persuasive writing skills make reading very exhilarating. One is almost tempted into an instant practice of ZeNLP, but a seemingly easy task surely is not to be if one has tripped over the fine art of perceiving.

Certainly, his book is for those that have come to exist as born optimists. For the rest - the 'undeveloped', ZeNLP is sheer nonsense.


Thoughts for simple living

Memories on Life's Road
Author: Lorna de Mel

Memories on Life's Road by Lorna De Mel came into my hands from my dear teacher Mrs. Celine de Alwis and true to her word it was a book full of fascinating, heart warming, hilarious and informative stories written on various subjects at various points in Ms Lorna de Mel's life.

Though I have not seen nor met her personally before, when I started reading the book I just could picture this wonderful person in my mind and a simple question crept into my mind, How could anyone be a cookie, barber, (that's how one of her sons used to describes her) a mom, a wife, a friend, a teacher you name all the professions under the sun in one person?

My doubts were ruled out immediately after meeting her briefly. People of Lorna's aptitude is very hard to find and I say thank you to her creator for giving life to some one like Lorna so that in return she could be the life line to so many around her (Humans or otherwise)

Memories on Life's Road - is a compilation of articles of Lorna's which she contributed to various newspapers starting from 1982. Lorna mainly writes about her family, friends and relatives emphasizing the importance of having a good, healthy and a strong relationship with your loved ones around her.

Lorna's writing approach is simple and interesting and all the incidents are true in her life. By reading Lorna's write-ups, I gathered, what was said by Mahatma Gandhi it was for her simple living but high thinking.

High thinking in terms of lifting up, brightening up, or bringing hope and salvation to many around her and giving her best shots to her most dearly loved and cared family.

- Lakmani Setunga.

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