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Mar 28, 2006

‘Harness power of mind’
Saturday March 18 2006 11:02 IST

Programme your mind to achieve your goals, for the mind has infinite power which can be harnessed to attain individual and organisational goals, tells Murli Menon, an internationally acclaimed ZeNLP trainer.

He is in the city to hold a series of lectures on ZeNLP which combines Zen meditation with Neuro Linguistic Programming.

ZeNLP is a perspective on how success at work and in life can be achieved through self-realisation and introspection. Zen meditation relieves physical, mental and spiritual stress.

“Do you know that clapping is best for relieving physical stress? It has been scientifically proved that keeping a coin on your forehead enhances your memory and concentration. Zen meditation can take care of overweight and even wrinkles.

“The sounds of nature will relieve your mental stress and for spiritual happiness one can turn to prayers,” he said. And if you are not religious, just chant ‘Charles Darwin’, he added.

Besides, a healthy Zen diet can lower cholesterol levels and boost immunity.

Zen meditation improves conceptual and analytical abilities and stress management skills of teams, with a focus on body language and communicating with the unconscious.

A non-resident Keralite (he hails from Kollengode in Palakkad district) now settled in Ahmedabad, Murli has been pursuing advanced doctoral research on the effects on Zen meditation on the unconscious mind.

He is the president of phenoMenon consultants inc, Ahmedabad, which conducts stress managements workshops for senior managers based on Indian, Buddhist, Zen and Tibetan scriptures which are attended by senior managers, company directors and CEOs.

ZeNLP is a school of psychological thought which believes that the language of meditation can bring about a structural change in behaviour. ZeNLP gave him a second life. The left side of his body was paralysed after a dreadful accident in January 1995 and the doctors had written him off as a vegetable. But, thanks to the NLP training and the proximity to Swami Rajanish’s ashram, he had a miraculous recovery within five months.

“When I was bed-ridden, I wrote down 20 goals and have achieved four of them so far - becoming a trainer, travelling to the hottest and coldest places on earth and visiting Manasarovar,” he said. He goes around the world giving relief to cancer patients, spastics, dyslexic patients and, most important, the stressed up groups belonging to all walks of life.

“I don’t claim a cure for the terminally ill, but ensures a better quality of life,” he said.

Annie, a Malayali nurse who attended on him when he was bed-ridden, had noted down his day-to-day improvement and that went into his first book ZeNLP - The Power To Succeed.

‘ZeNLP: The Power to Relax’, his second book, speaks about his interactions with different tribes like the Mankadia and Kadia tribes of Orissa, Sidhi tribe of Gujarat, Bonda tribe on the Andhra Pradesh-Orissa borders and the Murut tribe of Indonesia. He undertook these journeys to learn the techniques they used to remain stress free, such as clapping, dance, exercises and harmony with nature.

His books have been prescribed as textbooks in different American universities. His name is listed in the ‘International Who’s Who of Intellectuals’ by International Biographical Institute, Cambridge.

Murli is the only Asian to become a certified member of ‘We Care’ Coalition of USA and is the recipient of the International Award for Distinguished Leadership given by American Biographical Institute, USA. He consults on tribal vaastu which is based on the ancient, traditional tribal knowledge of building science which teaches the art of generating positive vibrations.

Expressing concern over the mushrooming of stress management techniques, he quoted Eric Hoffler, ‘The young gurus in India are so busy teaching that they have no time left to learn.’

For more details, contact: ceo@tips4ceos.com