What is your unconscious mental map?

ZeNLP e-mind mapping exercise

Getting your ZeNLP mind map analysed is as easy as filling up the enclosed Mind Map finder questionnaire and clicking the Submit button....

A. Please read the questions which follow carefully

B. After reading and understanding each of these questions ,select the Answer which best describes you

C. Choose ONE of the Answers by selecting the appropriate choice using your mouse. Click the Answer that best describes you

D. Click the Submit button and receive a computerised electronic Mind Map Score and techniques to improve your memory using your mind map analysis.

E. There is no time limit for completing this online e-test

Q 1. At the beach, I like to...
Q 2. Which activity would you like the most out of the three?
Q 3. Which colour would you choose out of the three?
Q 4. Which set of words would you select out of the three?
Q 5. I like...
Q 6. I would prefer to spend my evening by
Q 7. I like
Q 8. My house should have...
Q 9. I like...
Q 10. My car should




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