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Harness the infinite power of the mind to achieve your individual and organizational goals

ZeNLP is a unique perspective on how success at work and in life can be achieved by self-realization and introspection. Murli Menon, well known consultant and trainer, presents the theory of ZeNLP which is a combination of the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming and zen meditation.
ZeNLP is designed to put the individual in touch with himself and help understand his/her true relationship with the world.

Revolutionary and unconventional, this is a book for practising managers, students, entrepreneurs and for all those who wish to understand themselves and the world in a larger intuitive framework.


The Power to Succeed
PhenoMenon Consultants inc, Ahmedabad

A Response Book
l 2004
l 145 pages
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In a step by step framework, this objective oriented book introduces the reader to practical tools and tips which:

l improve conceptual understanding, intuitive ability and strategising skills

l deepen understanding of spiritual scriptures to improve spiritual quotient leading to self-development and growth

l improve memory and concentration through regular meditation

l assist in evolving cutting edge strategies needed for generating instant results in today's competitive environment

l help in programming the human mind to tap its cybernetic mechanism


CONTENTS: Preface / Introduction to Cosmic Consciousness / ZeNLP—Software for the Brain! / Metaphors in ZeNLP! / How ZeNLP Works? / Creative Visualisation in ZeNLP / The Vedic Connection of ZeNLP / The Power of ZeNLP Mantras / The Super Power of Gayatri Mantra / Programming the Human Mind / Learning is Fun in ZeNLP / Improving Memory Using ZeNLP / Creativity in ZeNLP / The Power of Dreams in ZeNLP / Evolution of Communication / Tree Plantation Meditation in ZeNLP / Which is Your Healing Tree? / High Energy Diet in ZeNLP / Meditation in ZeNLP / Synchronicity in ZeNLP / Management Lessons from Penguins / Management Lessons from Ants / Management Lessons from Dolphins / Management Lessons from Gulls / Management Lessons from Owls / Management Lessons from Trees / Index
Learn the technique that helped the author recover from a crippling injury !

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