Trekking inside the golden sand-dunes of Osian

by Murli Menon CEO

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Enroute to "Rawla Osian Tents" from Jodhpur

Its winter and where else to enjoy it other than the colourful state of Rajasthan. Boarding the Ashram Express at Ahmedabad, I land at Ajmer Station and after spending a few days at Raj Resorts, Pushkar I travel to Umed Marvel, Jodhpur, for three days before being picked up at Jodhpur located 70 km. away by Mahipal Singh for the one hour drive to "Rawla Osian Tents", at Osian village , located 70 km. away. We encounter one of Rajasthan's high velocity desert winds the moment we land at Osian. This reduces the temperature a little.

A hot water bath in the alkaline waters of "Rawla Osian Tents" is the therapy I need to spend two days at Osian exploring the golden sand-dunes of Thar. This hot water bath in winter, is a rejuvenating experience for the immune system. In the evening I go for a trek through the sand-dunes of Osian which is the ideal way to absorb the energy of the primordial elements.

Meditating amongst the sand-dunes while watching hundreds of stars twinkling in the night sky is a once in a lifetime experience, which each one of our readers must experience. Music and dance are a way of life for the residents of Osian and after a scintillating dance performance by Kalbeliya dancers from Osian village and folk music of Jaisalmer and folk songs of Rajasthan, I drift off to dreamful sleep in my tent at Rawla Osian Desert Camp.

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