Meeting Report 02 October, 2006

President Niels welcomed our special speaker to tonight’s meeting. He introduced fellow Rotarian Murli Menon who was going to talk to us about "Stress Management through Meditation".

President Niels asked that as is tradition with our club, that we all stand for the Thai National Anthem.

Sergeant at Arms Rotarian Stephen introduced the visiting Rotarians and guests.
The visiting Rotarians were President Dr. Olivier, Charter President Nick Demot and Rotarian Dr. William from the Rotary Club of Pattaya Marina, Sergeant-at-Arms from the Rotary Club of the Eastern Seaboard, Rtn Jaroensee Gantubnil from the Rotary Club of Angthong
There were also Youth Exchange students, as well as many friends and guests.

A tasty hot and cold buffet dinner of Thai and International dishes was provided.

Presidents introduction
President Niels again welcomed everyone to this very special meeting where we are fortunate to have Murli Menon here to talk to us about Stress Management, saying that he had seen Murli Menon also talking to the Expats Club the day before who had all seemed to enjoy the talk as well as many of the members there getting involved in some practical parts of the talk. There had been many smiles around the meeting room.
Murli is also a Rotarian from India.

Guest Speaker
Murli Menon is an internationally acclaimed ZeNLP trainer. ZeNLP is a perspective on how success at work and in life can be achieved through self realization and introspection. Zen meditation relieves physical, mental and spiritual stress.
Rotarian Murli started his talk by asking all in the room to study a picture that he had handed out. The picture comprised of circles and by starring at it you could tell your level of stress by how the circles appeared to move (or not). He then went on to ask the audience to place a coin on their foreheads and to leave it there to stimulate the pituary gland.
During his talk he got the audience to take an active part many times. One of these was by asking them to clap. “Clapping is best for relieving physical stress”. He also demonstrated ways of relieving things like RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury), and explained how simple things like listening to natural sounds, even telling jokes can help to relieve stress.
He went on to explain how you can programme your mind and how ZeNLP segments people into Visuals, Auditories or Kinesthetics. Each of these types has different characteristics and manages stress in different ways.

There was great audience attention throughout the talk. Translation was provided by Rotarian Jahir (Babu) for our Thai members.

Charity Club of Pattaya
President Niels reported that the Charity Club of Pattaya had held their Grand Charity Gala Dinner at the Dusit Resort last Saturday evening. The Dinner was attended by several members of our club. The events success was due to a very small number of people who are behind the Charity Club of Pattaya. A total of B469,000 was raised. This money will be divided up;-

  • B109,000 for completion of a classroom building at a school near to Rayong. This is part of the Immigration/Pattaya People project.
  • B120,000 for the charity projects of The Rotary Club of Pattaya
  • B120,000 for the charity projects of the Freemasons, Westwing
  • B120,000 for the Camillion centre
    President Niels said that he was very impressed with the number of prizes offered for the lucky draw and that he has not seen prizes of such a value anywhere else in Pattaya.

    Rotary Community Market
    President Niels was happy to announce that the Rotary Flea Market has a sub committee Chairman, new member Laurie Muir. The project name has now been changed to Rotary Community Market and Laurie is asking for volunteers to join him on the sub committee which will meet soon.
    It is intended to be an on-going event with markets being held regularly (every 1 to 3 months if possible), where a variety of items including second hand ones, will be sold. The markets will also have other vendors as well as various kinds of family entertainment and will be held on Sundays at prominent sites around Pattaya.
    Rotarian Jahir (Babu) volunteered to help with this project. Several others expressed an interest in assisting and will speak directly with Rtn Laurie.

    Piano Recital Concert
    The Sergeant-at-Arms from the Rotary Club of The Eastern Seaboard announced to the meeting that they are organising a Charity Piano Recital by Maestro Wilhelm Ohmen to be held in the Grand Ballroom at the Marriott Resort and Spa on November 23 & 24 2006.
    Tickets prices start at a very reasonable B500. Other prices are also available.
    Further sponsors are also required with sponsorships still being available in the Bronze, Silver and Gold categories. All the Platinum sponsor packages are already taken.
    Sponsor packages include a number of concert tickets and access to the Champagne reception before the recital for the sponsors and their guests.
    There will be differing seating depending on the level of sponsorship or tickets purchased.

    09 October 2006 Board meeting after weekly meeting.
    13 November 2006 Fellowship party at the home of Rotarian Colin. All Rotarians and friends are welcome to attend this fellowship party being held at Rotarian Colin's wonderful home. The party starts at 19.00.

    President Niels thanked Murli, tonight’s speaker for an interesting talk. He also thanked all visiting Rotarians and guests for attending and asked that we all stand for the Kings anthem.

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