Water walk at Bijolai Palace

by Murli Menon CEO www.tips4ceos.com

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Being escorted to Treehouse Bijolai Lake Resort

If you want to get an experience of boating in a pristine pure waterbody, which is a natural lake fed by rainwater that descends from the hills, Bijolai Lake is an attractive destination. Bijolai Lake is located 10 km. away from Jodhpur. The forests around Bijolai Lake are full of Khejri trees and is home to Blue Bulls and Serpent Eagles. Located adjacent to Treehouse Bijolai Lake Resort, one finds a tiny hamlet of local villagers. Treehouse Bijolai Lake Resort is located just 2 km. away from Kaylana Lake and 1 km. away from Takhat Sagar Lake. Bijolai Lake attracts migratory birds from Siberia and Tibet every winter. A person interested in wildlife, bird watching and water sports should certainly visit Bijolai Lake, which is surrounded by rust coloured rocky hills on one side and Bijolai Palace on the other side.

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