Visit to Jamjir Retreat Gir

by Murli Menon CEO

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During the drive to Jamwala Village from Ahmedabad

One is writing this from one's garden facing room at "Jamjir Retreat" located adjacent to the dry deciduous forests that straddle the Jamjir Waterfalls near Jamwala Village, on the outskirts of Gir forests. Sasan Gir is exactly 48 km. away from Jamwala, while Diu is almost 60 km. away from Jamjir Retreat. Jamjir Retreat is tucked away in a corner of Gir forest, which is home to several African tribes, who have lived in these forests since they were brought to Gir by the erstwhile Nawab ofJunagadh from Africa. Gir is famous for its delicious Kesar mangoes, which has a much better flavour than the overrated Portuguese Alphonso.

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