Visit to Moonlight Nature Resort at Jaisalmer

by Murli Menon CEO

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At the entrance of Moonlight Nature Resort

One is writing this from one's luxury tent at Moonlight Nature Resort, located 7 km. outside Jaisalmer, in western Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a paradise for all those who love the sun, the deserts and the sand dunes. My tent is a short walk away from the nearest motorable road, on the fringes of the desert on the Jaisalmer Barmer road. Khuri dunes and Sam dunes alongwith the Desert National Park in Jaisalmer are one of several tourist attractions at Rajasthan in the months of April and May. One can find old mud houses and narrow streets with antique shops and several traditional vegetarian restaurants overlooking Jaisalmer Fort. The 7 km. drive from Jaisalmer Fort to Moonlight Nature Resort takes you through several shades of brown. All along the way, we see Khejri trees and barren deserts,. waiting for the next monsoon rains.

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