Visit to Pottery village near Jhalamand

by Murli Menon CEO

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Arriving in style at Pratap Niwas Palace

If you want to get an experience of rural India, Pratap Niwas Palace is an attractive destination.The outskirts of Pratap Niwas Palace are full of Khejri trees and is home to blue bulls and chinkaras. Located adjacent to Pratap Niwas Palace, one finds the village of Jhalamand. Pratap Niwas Palace is located 10 km. away from Jodhpur and can be reached in 20 minutes from Jodhpur. A person interested in wildlife and pottery, should definitely visit Singasni village, which is located near Jhalamand. The owner of Pratap Niwas Palace, is Mr. Pankaj Pratap Singh who is also an antique car collector. Taking a spin in his antique 1929 Chrysler, was a memorable experience, which he offers to regular guests at his luxurious palace hotel.

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