Heritage walk through Jodhpur

by Murli Menon CEO www.tips4ceos.com

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With my hosts Rudra Sen Nimbera and Geetanjali Singh at Marvel Umed

One is writing this from the cool comfort of one's garden facing room at the art-deco style Marvel Umed at Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Marvel Umed is managed by Mayo College alumni Rudra Sen Nimbera also popularly known as Pongybanna and his wife Geetanjali Singh. Marvel Umed is a heritage property built by the late Thakur Umed Singh Nimbera, Pongybanna's grandfather who was a contemporary of the late Maharaja Ummed Singhji of Jodhpur State. The most impressive fact about Marvel Umed is that Henry Vaughan Lanchester the architect of Ummed Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, was a friend of late Thakur Umed Singhji Nimbera and accepted the invitation to design Marvel Umed as a special gesture. The open courtyard in the centre is a unique feature and one can bask in the sun either in the courtyard or in the landscaped gardens on the outside.

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